BLACK WALNUT (unsteamed)

unsteamed black walnut coffee table

Black walnut  (Juglans nigra) is a beautiful wood, considered America’s premier furniture timber since Colonial days.  Its currently enjoying a wave of renewed popularity, not just in the U.S. but all over the world;  and therein lies the problem.  There just are not enough trees to supply the world-wide demand for walnut lumber, veneer & sawlogs.  This strong demand, & the nature of the timber resource,  translates into lower -quality  lumber than is seen in other,  more plentiful species.   In fact, walnut (along with its cousin butternut),  has its own unique grading rules that allow more defects than those  governing other species.  Customers often tell us that  – because of the waste factor – they purchase twice as much lumber as they normally would when doing a project in walnut.   Not so with walnut from C P Johnson:  Our  lumber is graded according to standard NHLA red oak rules, with minimal sapwood allowed.

We go to great lengths to source a superior grade of this wonderful furniture wood.  Our unsteamed lumber is not only prettier, but more cost-effective when compared with the typical commodity FAS walnut sold by our competitors.   Our lumber will have:


     – Fewer defects

     – Less sapwood

             – More usable wood