Red maple native range

Native range-Acer rubrum

For over 15 years, C. P. Johnson has been one of the leading suppliers of tiger (curly) maple lumber in the country, servicing furniture makers throughout New England & the Mid-Atlantic.  The curly soft maple we provide is 100% red maple, with none of the inferior silver maple common in the midwest.  Sourcing this specie primarily from the Northern Appalachian region, we have personally (and literally) handled  hundreds of thousands of board feet of curly wood over the years, making us uniquely qualified in the area of figured maple lumber.

 We can provide wholesale quantities of architectural grade curly for flooring or panelling as well as orders customized to furniture or kitchen cabinetmaker’s  specific requirements.  We stock a variety of lengths and thicknesses of 4/4,  5/4,  6/4, 8/4, 10/4,  12/4  & 16/4.  A good selection of matched log sets are usually available in 4/4.



tiger maple kitchen

Our tiger maple lumber in a beautiful kitchen by drdimeskitchens.com



Tiger Maple Prices (per board foot);

4/4 shorts (4-6′ long)        $4.50

4/4  (7′ & longer )                $5.oo & up

5/4 -16/4 call

Red maple trees in Fall colors

Red maple trees in Fall colors